Everything about this day was stunning. As we stepped into a garden oasis (who knew in Lodi, Ca?!) we were greeted by tropical birds and a chatty salon full of Gianna’s closest family and friends.

We couldn’t have been more happy with the colors, the sun flares, and that dress looked like it came straight out of a Disney movie!

Gianna’s calm and playful spirit made it evident how she completely captured her groom’s heart. And as we watched Wyatt anxiously walk to his bride and pray for them both (without a peak), we could see his loving and humble leadership that’s going to make this marriage a good one.

As the day unfolded, the vows were said, rings exchanged and the long awaited announcement: “Mr. and Mrs. Finn!” we soaked up what was left of the sun and headed inside for a night full of amazing food, dancing and a send off full of love.

Thanks Wyatt and Gianna for trusting us with your wedding story-enjoy remembering it forever.