It was on November 3rd, 2014 when an inquiry hit our inbox with this title: “In love with your work! Almost as much as I love my fiance. :)”

Of course that grabbed our attention.

Later on we find out that only five days prior Jay had proposed to Bailey and this girl had her priorities in line. Book photography and videography FIRST. I was blushing with excitement and typing at the same time in response to this giddy bride in hopes that this wedding would work out for us to film.

Fast forward to October 29th, 2016 where Brad and I find ourselves at the gorgeous Westin Lakes in Las Vegas, starry eyed and cameras turned on 24/7 to capture every beautiful nook and cranny of the venue as well as the love and friendship this sweet couple shared with their friends and family.

I can’t stress enough how much your wedding day requires an entire team of people to pull off a perfect day. Bailey knew this; her wedding coordinator, Angelica, had this day locked in, and served our couple with love and grace. And Gabby’s photos – crazy amazing. Like to the point it made me want to do my own photoshoot with her in the desert.

This wedding was our grand finale for 2016 and we were so honored to be invited into their intimate wedding and then have their story forever captured through our lenses. Wow. This job is just the best.

Congrats Jay and Bailey! Never forget this day, as it was the launching point of an amazing marriage that you now get to nurture and develop for a lifetime.