First of all, and most importantly, what makes me most happy about this wedding, is that we’ve added another McAuley to the world! That’s right! Kathryn-welcome to the club, sista! This was our first time having the opportunity to film for family and we were so excited but honestly a little nervous too.

So fun but also kind of different at the same time to be sticking our cameras in our families’ faces, the same ones who we share birthday and Christmas parties with, but what a privilege to be entrusted with our cousin’s wedding story that we all get to enjoy for years to come.

What also made this wedding unique was having never filmed in one of the most gorgeous churches ever. Kathryn looked angelic as she gracefully walked down the aisle to meet her very anxious, handsome groom. The ceremony wowed us which made us even more excited to edit.

The reception was just a huge party we half attended (we actually sat with the guests this time for dinner) and half worked. As we film more and more weddings, Brad and I get into a bit of a groove knowing what we need to capture; however, this time around each event felt a little more special as we actually really knew these people and so the toasts were so precious and the dances- so romantic and sweet knowing how much this day meant to Jacob and Kathryn.

Lastly, we got to work with two very special people that we’ve been secretly wanting to work with for a long time-our wildly talented artist friends-Jake Campbell and Josh Felise. These two hold a camera and magic happens. We highly suggest you look ‘em up if you want beautiful photos of every moment of your wedding day.

Jacob and Kathryn-we love you both very much and love that we not only got to witness your commitment to one another, but to show it to the world-may your marriage forever glorify the One you’ve committed your lives to.