What’s surprised me the most about filming weddings is the awesome teams we get to work with each time. It’s as though we are all on a mini mission as we do our quick introductions with the photographers, wedding coordinator, and other vendors and then B-R-E-A-K! We all scatter and make magic happen with the beautiful couple before us.

It’s truly an amazing team experience that we get to participate in for every single wedding. And this is something important for every engaged couple to consider. When working with your vendors on the day of your wedding, work with everyone as a team. Communication prior to the wedding day and on the day of will ensure smooth transitions and better coverage of everything important to you because the vendor relationships have been established and the schedule has been communicated clearly.

Darian and Amanda’s wedding day was a perfect example of this. We loved working with Kaboo Photography and wish we could always be driven around on golf carts-thanks Golf Links!

These two have been together for over ten years and so this day was very exciting for them and their families. As always, we are so honored and amazed that we get the privilege to tell their wedding story that they will watch for years to come! Congratulations Darian and Amanda!