Andrew + Rebecca

When we first started filming weddings, we didn’t know where it would take us. Who knew that Ripon, California would be a hot spot for us?! Andrew and Rebecca made it wedding number four in this sweet farm town and the more we come out, the more we love the people that make up the Ripon community.

Andrew was just about the sweetest groom we’d ever met. If you could measure doting husbands in years of marriage, Andrew would have scored 5+years and this was only day one. His incessant compliments and constant awe of his bride kept this couple glowing all day.

And the sun didn’t hold back either. The weather was warm, but it made for an amazing golden hour in the almond orchards. It was a team effort as we worked with their fabulous photographer, Kori, capturing every sweet moment that Andrew and Rebecca were oozing out.

Rebecca mentioned to us the importance of being able to have a wedding video so that not only they can relive this day over and over, but their children and grandchildren can also see what a special day this was. We are so honored to have been trusted with their wedding story.


Wyatt + Gianna

Everything about this day was stunning. As we stepped into a garden oasis (who knew in Lodi, Ca?!) we were greeted by tropical birds and a chatty salon full of Gianna’s closest family and friends.

We couldn’t have been more happy with the colors, the sun flares, and that dress looked like it came straight out of a Disney movie!

Gianna’s calm and playful spirit made it evident how she completely captured her groom’s heart. And as we watched Wyatt anxiously walk to his bride and pray for them both (without a peak), we could see his loving and humble leadership that’s going to make this marriage a good one.

As the day unfolded, the vows were said, rings exchanged and the long awaited announcement: “Mr. and Mrs. Finn!” we soaked up what was left of the sun and headed inside for a night full of amazing food, dancing and a send off full of love.

Thanks Wyatt and Gianna for trusting us with your wedding story-enjoy remembering it forever.


Josiah + Haley

There’s a lot of things people commit to when starting a new year: diets, working out, reading books, travel. But Josiah and Haley wanted to go beyond that and kick off their new year with a wedding and we were totally on board in launching 2016 right beside them as they made the biggest commitment of their lives.

There was nothing about this day that couldn’t disappoint. The perfect cold, cloudy weather kept both bridal parties comfy and cozy inside their separate homes as they prepared all day for the Neeley union. You could feel the love as we watched their families and friends eagerly serve Haley and Josiah ensuring a wonderful day for all.

What always amazes me about these opportunities to film is how privileged we are to jump into someone else’s most important day of their lives and not only witness all the excitement and love, but then be the ones to tell that wonderful story for everyone-is this real life?!

Brad and I were very excited to have the chance to re-visit one of our favorite venues (and where Love in Transit Weddings truly began) at The River Mill. This magical little place is planted in the middle of nowhere which makes it even more enchanting and while the gardens are gorgeous in the summer, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else for a winter wedding. Their huge fireplace kept us warm and the food and milkshakes (yes, I said milkshakes) kept our bellies full.

Jonni and Marissa were such a wonderful couple to work with side by side and they totally had our backs-thanks again guys about that low battery-close call! Be sure to check out Jonni’s website if you’re ever in need of two genuine, kind photographers.

Josiah and Haley’s commitment to purity and honoring God with their lives and their relationship make for an unforgettable story that we will forever cherish. Thank you so much for inviting us in-may God forever be glorified through your story.

Jordan + Kelsey

We definitely are in our groove now. Brad has his roles, I have mine and it all just flows the minute we arrive to the venue. This day was no exception-with Americanos and submarine sandwiches in hand during our drive there, we were adequately fueled for the exciting day ahead of us.

We were so excited to score this last minute booking. I knew it was meant to be when I first met the bride, Kelsey-young, full of personality and madly in love with her groom, Jordan. This right here was your perfect autumn wedding. My heart was extra happy that day as we walked through the orchards mesmerized by each falling leaf, the sun’s glimmer through every tree, but Kelsey and Jordan stole the show by far. (Do you see those long sleeves on that dress?!)

As we loved every moment capturing their church’s beautiful architecture, we also soaked in this beautiful union between a pretty special couple. With their friends by their side and two whole families full of support coming together, it’s a marriage bound for success and that’s what matters most at the end of this day.

BUT. Thank goodness they have a video to remember it all, am I right?!

It means a lot when a venue treats their vendors well, and we were graciously served by the Spring Creek Country Club with great generosity. The modern architecture and wall of windows sets the tone for a classy party and with cozy elements that made for a great fall venue. We had no idea what we were in for at the reception, and were pleasantly surprised with how much entertainment both families provided during their toasts-unforgettable and by far our favorite!

We had so much fun and didn’t want to leave-thanks Jordan and Kelsey for letting us crash your party and soak in all the amazing moments you two got to experience that day.

Jjay + Krystle

Everyone needs to be friends with Jjay and Krystle. I promise your life will change even for just a few moments because ours’ sure did. We knew this wedding was going to be pretty special, but we didn’t realize just how beautiful this union of these two amazing people was going to be. The weather was perfect-blue skies, gorgeous views (thanks to my brother’s handy, dandy drone work) and a venue that became our home on this unforgettable autumn day.

The Old Homestead in Crockett, CA is a venue that opens up it’s doors and allows you to come in, get comfy and have a party. As if the redwoods and quaint house wasn’t enough, Krystle transformed the place with antique furniture, rustic decor, and gorgeous flowers. There was a glow to the whole day mostly coming from Krsytle and Jjay of course. Their innocence and desire to ultimately glorify God with their lives was stunning and transforming as we watched their commitment unfold during their ceremony. This was by far the most godly wedding we have ever attended (including our own!) and we are still feeling blessed by the truth and sweetness in their vows.

Ica Images was absolutely fabulous to work with. Ica and her husband make a wonderful duo and an even lovelier couple. Brad and I felt right at home as we got to jump into a loving community of Filipinos; many moments brought us back to our life in the PH. It was very evident that Jjay and Krystle have a strong community of support that loves them very much. And who are very talented too! Those bridal party performances blew us away-best entertainment all night! The day was over in a flash and before we knew it, we were sending the happy couple on their way. May God bless you both as you learn to live life together for his glory and may these videos remind you of such a special day it was.

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Darwin + Courtney

We’ve been dying to share this wedding with the world since the moment we started filming on that beautiful, overcast day in Monterey, CA. Our groom, Darwin, was unlike any other groom we’ve ever met. He supported his bride, Courtney, through all of the planning and was a huge part of the coordination. And you could easily see all of their hard work in play, as the day went by flawlessly with every detail in place. It made our job really easy too! Fun fact: the better your wedding day is planned; most likely you will get a better video out of your videographer, for real.

The Hyatt Regency hosted us very well as we filmed every inch of their venue (at least it felt like it). God blessed us with the perfect lighting-it’s all about that light ya know. Scott Roeder Photography was so fun to work with and we highly recommend him for any brides and grooms out there.
This wedding actually meant a lot to us for many reasons:

1. Our first destination wedding – woo!

2. Darwin and his family is Filipino and our hearts were glowing as we spent all day with such a loving bunch of people. It reminded us of our time when we lived in the PH.

3. Our first time using our new toy-the Nebula!

It was a party full of Filipinos and Italians so you know that the love and laughter was bursting at the seams at the reception. While the night was full of many playful, hilarious moments (did you see that photobooth?!), there were also many sweet, unforgettable moments and we hope we captured each and every one for you, Darwin and Courtney.

Thanks again for letting us be a part of your day-it’s a wedding we will never forget!

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John + Nicole

Hey ladies! Do you ever dream of planning your wedding all over again? Or maybe you’re secretly hoping your best friend will ask you to plan hers? C’mon…you know where you’ve been on Pinterest. Well this pretty lady, Nicole Cattolico, got to do just that.

John and Nicole’s story is incredible, comical and emotional all at the same time which makes for great movie material, right?! John and Nicole were one of the few young and married couples at our church, so we were a little confused when they asked us to film their wedding. Wedding? What? Am I missing something here?….Turns out John and Nicole are the super romantic type, like so romantic, they’re crazy and just had to elope after two weeks of knowing each other. Wow! Yeah, that’s what I said but then when Nicole explained her whole vision and their reasoning behind having like a “real” wedding I said wow! Again! Because, oh my goodness who wouldn’t want to be a part of such an amazing story?! So the pressure was on for Brad and I to stay true to the Cattolico’s story.

Well, psssh! No problem! Their wedding did all the talking and we just grabbed every moment of it. Every single detail screamed adorable and Pinterest worthy. It was undeniable how much hard work and creative thought Nicole put into making this wedding not only meaningful, but a darn good party (and did I mention it was for 300 people??). Of course the venue certainly helped, Shelly’s Garden located in Brentwood, Ca out in the beautiful country, held a farmhouse, a barn, and a huge dance floor that kept this party going long into the night.

Ok, but on a serious note, it was truly so awesome to see these two get married “again” and this time intentionally having God in the center of their relationship. They dedicated their lives and their marriage to God that day and that’s what we loved capturing the most. Congrats again, you two and (spoiler alert) soon to be parents!!!

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Josh + Jess

One of the best parts of filming weddings, is that we always want to be best friends with the bride and groom by the end of the day and Josh and Jess were no exception. They had our cameras’ attention and our hearts forever impacted by the love and commitment they showed each other in this Danville Wedding. And as we watched their friends and family come around to support them, we knew this was going to be a great wedding which makes an even better video.

It was a warm day, but that didn’t take away from the beauty of their unique wedding venue in Danville, Ca. We were surprised to find ourselves suddenly driving into a woodsy corner of the Bay Area in the midst of cities and freeways-it was a perfect sanctuary for the union of these two marvelous people. And as Josh and Jess focused so deeply on each other and on the meaning of this day, everyone’s focus was drawn towards the happy couple. However, Josh and Jess also managed to focus on others too, which just shows how service oriented they are. They were asking how WE were doing?! What Bride does that?! Every party has a great host and Josh and Jess and their families did a great job welcoming everyone in, including us.

What made this wedding so significant for us, was that Josh and Jess are our very first clients that we actually didn’t know prior to their wedding-so score for us! And thanks God for bringing such an amazing couple along our path. We’re always blown away by this awesome job of coming into someone else’s party and capturing some of the most meaningful moments of their lives. Can it get any better than that?!

Congratulations you two and thanks for making our job easy and full of joy.

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Johnny + Emily Proposal

This isn’t one of our typical wedding videos. In fact it is more of a prequel to a wedding video. This is the story of Johnny & Emily’s engagement to be married. Emily is Kirstin’s sister, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of Johnny’s proposal.

Peep the video below!


Scott + Kimmie

Scott and Kimmie are the kind of couple you instantly connect with. Their vibrant personalities and easy going spirits make you feel comfortable and at ease. They come from two full, loving families that we couldn’t wait to embrace with our cameras. We knew this wedding would not only be beautiful but would be overwhelming with love and joy and that it was.

Located in the small town of French Camp, the River Mill wedding venue impressed one guest after another with its grandeur and yet quaint details in every corner. Blanketed with ferns and flowers, towered by oaks and brick walls, Kimmie and Scott were found in the garden to be married. As if the gardens couldn’t become any more beautiful, God’s glory shown through this magnificent union and we loved capturing every tear, sunspot, and smile.

After a sweet, serene ceremony the party had officially begun. Endless moments of fantastic toasts, great food, dancing and celebration. As we skimmed through the night, it felt as though we were but good friends happening to be holding cameras. (It always makes our job easier whenever we feel as welcomed and loved as the guests.) One of my favorite parts was the photo booth. Kimmie’s family actually owns it so they were pros at capturing the sweetest and most hilarious moments with signs and costumes galore. Everyone danced the night away, and before we knew it the clock struck midnight and Scott and Kimmie were off to San Francisco.

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