Ryan + Chelsey

Who’s ready to see a mansion wedding???

After spending 2 hours chatting in a coffee shop with Ryan and Chelsey, we knew their wedding was going to be everything grand, filled with love, and tons of laughter! And even then as their wedding unfolded the day of, moment after moment we were amazed by how talented these two are coming from absolutely loving, beautiful families that blew us away with literally some of the best speeches we have ever heard!

Our cameras could not get enough of every detail the Grand Isle Mansion had to offer. From the beautiful gardens to the classic mansion architecture, stone lions and fountains, we got it all.

Like all couples, there’s a back story involved-how two people met, fell in love and are now at their wedding day and Ryan and Chelsey’s story could not be any more romantic. We include a snippet of Ryan’s romantic endeavors in the beginning of their video. And who doesn’t love a groom that’s completely head over heals, a crying mess, and smiling from ear to ear over his bride all day long?! That was Ryan.

Basically these two are super special. Like power couple to the max and we are confident God has great plans for their marriage.

What also made this wedding super special was the opportunity to work with the wildly talented Ethan Watts and Jenda Kemp with Light & Co. again! I must say, us working together make a pretty great team and any chance we can get to work with those two is always a ton of fun and a huge privilege!

We enjoyed along with the hundreds of their guests a killer band who kept the party thriving all night long. We couldn’t get enough! And to top the night, Brad got to run through the most epic sparkler tunnel exit we ever did see! The aisle packed with all their friends and family sending them off from such a memorable day into a lifetime of happiness.

This is why I LOVE weddings!


Eamon + Megan

Megan Frew was a popular girl I had the privilege of getting to know in high school and early college years.

This girl is special. Hilarious. Loving. Contagious. All around amazing.

So who could possibly be good enough for Megan Frew???

I was skeptical, but was quickly won over by the equally hilarious, vibrant (Brittish) Emaon Sayed. Brad and I had the opportunity to meet up with these two the day after Christmas to talk details and we had such a good time, it made me just as anxious as them for their wedding day to arrive!

A brisk February 4th came with just a tad of rain in sight but by the time the ceremony began, we were blessed with an insanely gorgeous sunset. I have to admit, it was rather risky of these two to plan an outdoor ceremony in February, but that California weather rarely disappoints, especially in the winter.

Megan was your ideal bride. Glowing from head to toe, ecstatic and enjoying every moment. And that’s ultimately what you want for your couple-joy and excitement throughout the whole day and Megan made it known how much fun she was having with Eamon totally googly-eyed by her side.

From ancient oak trees to roof top views, Boundary Oaks Golf Course is an absolutely beautiful venue nestled in the hills of Walnut Creek that did not disappoint. And the food! Some of the best wedding food we have ever had!

You would think after filming so many weddings now, the tears would stop flowing, but those speeches and first dances still get me every time and Megan’s dance with her brother was a real tear jerker!

With Megan and Eamon’s vivacious personalities we knew the dance floor would be poppin’. There was no trouble getting the party started- within seconds the dance floor was packed with the goofiest dance moves and laughter.

Thanks guys for including us in your spectacular day!


Austin + Jessika

How did we get so lucky with TWO January weddings this year?!

I think a wedding can be made unique for any season of the year but there’s something about getting married in January-starting a new year-new goals, new life, and a new marriage-all such exciting stuff! Plus we are always SO ready to get back into filming weddings after the holidays and Jessika and Austin’s wedding was certainly a highlight for us to kick off 2017.

We’ve known these two for many years actually and would have never put them together as a couple and we know a lot of people would agree with us on that statement! But once their relationship started to form it was undeniable how perfectly they fit together.

These two are the cutest, most mature, yet goofiest people you will ever meet. There’s so much about them we admire so to be asked to film the biggest day of their lives was a huge honor and we left this day feeling so blessed and with full hearts.

This actually was our second time filming at the Pleasant Hill Community Center and it’s always fun to see how each couple transforms the space unique to them. Austin and Jessika went with a refreshing garden theme that had very intentional meaning behind every detail. We also had the privilege of working with the very talented Jake Campbell once again for photos!

And Jessika’s rather large family whipped that place into shape within a matter of a couple hours. These two are clearly loved and supported by many. Speaking of loved by family-this truly was a family run wedding! Jessika’s brother MC’d the whole night and many of Jessika’s aunts and cousins not only helped with the decorating but also preparing Jessika for a dance we will never forget! It’s at 10:52 – you gotta watch it!

Jessika and Austin-we love you guys and are so happy we can all time travel back to this beautiful day through this video!


Jason + Emily

Jason and Emily brought a lot of firsts for us as wedding videographers.

1. Youngest couple so far to get married coming in at a sweet 18 years of age!
Crazy in love and so committed with years of dating already behind them.

2. When I met with them for coffee to talk details they literally told me we were their “dream videographers”! What?! This made me glow for the rest of the day. So kind and a huge boost of confidence so thanks for that guys.

3. This was our first wedding to film in basically a torrential rain storm. It was craziness. But also so beautiful.

4. First wedding to film pregnant! I was so early at that point, I hadn’t even begun the sick stage and no one knew yet, but I thought about it often throughout the day.

So yeah, this wedding was a BIG deal for everyone.

And while no bride hopes for it to rain on her wedding day, Brad and I secretly love it because rain brings a totally different kind of beauty that us and our dear photographer friends were eating up! Trust us when we say, rain is a GOOD thing! Embrace it and the coziness that it brings for you and all your guests to enjoy.

Plus who doesn’t love cuddling up in a real barn with hot drinks, twinkly lights, and a dance floor filled with all your friends and family?! Delta Diamond Farms were excellent hosts as they whisked everyone into the venue with complimentary umbrellas and always ensures both Jason and Emily were cared for throughout the whirlwind of wedding day.

It was a dreamy January wedding that we feel so privileged to have captured.

Many blessings to the two of you as you now embark on the real adventure of marriage!

Jay + Bailey

It was on November 3rd, 2014 when an inquiry hit our inbox with this title: “In love with your work! Almost as much as I love my fiance. :)”

Of course that grabbed our attention.

Later on we find out that only five days prior Jay had proposed to Bailey and this girl had her priorities in line. Book photography and videography FIRST. I was blushing with excitement and typing at the same time in response to this giddy bride in hopes that this wedding would work out for us to film.

Fast forward to October 29th, 2016 where Brad and I find ourselves at the gorgeous Westin Lakes in Las Vegas, starry eyed and cameras turned on 24/7 to capture every beautiful nook and cranny of the venue as well as the love and friendship this sweet couple shared with their friends and family.

I can’t stress enough how much your wedding day requires an entire team of people to pull off a perfect day. Bailey knew this; her wedding coordinator, Angelica, had this day locked in, and served our couple with love and grace. And Gabby’s photos – crazy amazing. Like to the point it made me want to do my own photoshoot with her in the desert.

This wedding was our grand finale for 2016 and we were so honored to be invited into their intimate wedding and then have their story forever captured through our lenses. Wow. This job is just the best.

Congrats Jay and Bailey! Never forget this day, as it was the launching point of an amazing marriage that you now get to nurture and develop for a lifetime.


Jacob + Kathryn

First of all, and most importantly, what makes me most happy about this wedding, is that we’ve added another McAuley to the world! That’s right! Kathryn-welcome to the club, sista! This was our first time having the opportunity to film for family and we were so excited but honestly a little nervous too.

So fun but also kind of different at the same time to be sticking our cameras in our families’ faces, the same ones who we share birthday and Christmas parties with, but what a privilege to be entrusted with our cousin’s wedding story that we all get to enjoy for years to come.

What also made this wedding unique was having never filmed in one of the most gorgeous churches ever. Kathryn looked angelic as she gracefully walked down the aisle to meet her very anxious, handsome groom. The ceremony wowed us which made us even more excited to edit.

The reception was just a huge party we half attended (we actually sat with the guests this time for dinner) and half worked. As we film more and more weddings, Brad and I get into a bit of a groove knowing what we need to capture; however, this time around each event felt a little more special as we actually really knew these people and so the toasts were so precious and the dances- so romantic and sweet knowing how much this day meant to Jacob and Kathryn.

Lastly, we got to work with two very special people that we’ve been secretly wanting to work with for a long time-our wildly talented artist friends-Jake Campbell and Josh Felise. These two hold a camera and magic happens. We highly suggest you look ‘em up if you want beautiful photos of every moment of your wedding day.

Jacob and Kathryn-we love you both very much and love that we not only got to witness your commitment to one another, but to show it to the world-may your marriage forever glorify the One you’ve committed your lives to.


Carl + Sophia

San Francisco in the Fall is when this city truly shines and this day, October 1st, had to be one of the top days of 2016. Warm, sunny, the skyscrapers showing off as they glittered in the uninhibited sunlight, but Carl and Sophia sparkled brighter.

This couple is bursting at the seems with personality, laughter and pizzazz. This was actually our first, official SF wedding and we were so excited we brought on a good friend to help us capture all the goodness – thanks again Josh Felise!

The venue, San Francisco City Club, matched Carl and Sophia’s class, and was wonderful in hosting their guests as well as the hired vendors like us. When it comes to the point of the wedding, where it’s time to eat there’s honestly a sigh of relief, (because let’s be real-we’ve worked up quite an appetite) but there’s also some hesitation as we never know how or when we’re going to be fed.

The wedding coordinator – Jessica -yeah, truly amazing to work with and made this day run flawlessly, quickly directed us to where we could get our meals which makes our job much easier.

From the limo ride to rooftop sunset shots to a killer dance by the newlyweds, this day was unforgettable and we are thrilled to have been able to capture every moment alongside their amazingly talented photographer – Elena Graham. Thank you Carl and Sophia for welcoming us into your most special day!


Dominic + Brenda

When you’re summoned to travel to capture love in the woods-you go. You go far and quickly because, h-e-l-l-o. Best opportunity ever!! And not only were we “forced” to go film a wedding in the woods, it’s in the FALL. So, yeah. Just a little excited about this one.

We made our way up the mountains to a little town near Graegle, CA, and our jaws dropped as we began exploring Twenty Mile House. A venue that we now want all of our clients to get married at because everything was perfect. Venue staff is really important to consider as a prospective engaged couple. And you will not be disappointed here.

Kevin, the owner, ensured every single detail was covered, from keeping us all on schedule, to making sure everyone was warm with additional heat lamps and well fed with incredible local, catered food. And THE sweetest photographer-Rachelle dominates up there in the woods and rightfully so as she hustled to make sure our cute couple got every beautiful shot.

Dominic and Brenda were surrounded with devoted friends and family and partook in such an intimate ceremony with a party to follow that everyone enjoyed thanks to the coolest DJ – Todd Reasor.

Thank you Dominic and Brenda for being big supporters of our work and allowing us the great honor of telling your wedding story-your family is now whole and so beautiful-enjoy the married life!

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Full Film


A + M

As Brad and I have stumbled into this bizarre role as wedding videographers (honestly, we never saw this one coming) we’ve been pleasantly surprised by so many people, venues, and beautiful couples and A + M are no exception.

Our goal for 2016 was to film 10 weddings. Ten, beautiful weddings that we can witness, experience with the couple’s friends and family and then create a video that envelopes all the small moments that created such a beautiful day. Well we got our ten bookings plus one-a surprise to be sure and such a blessing.

A + M were referred to us by a photographer friend and we were over the moon excited to experience our first referral!! Thanks again Cherlyn for that 😉

This wedding was unlike any other we have ever experienced. The venue, carefully selected of course, and perfectly set up for an intimate setting was embraced by A + M’s family and friends as conversations bounced between golden beams of sunlight and later around a cozy fire in the cool, beachy air.

A + M’s love for each other is electric and displayed perfectly through our all time favorite sunset beach shots! Seriously, just watch 3:24 – 4:12 and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

A + M, you’re journey has just begun-thank you choosing us to capture this beautiful day that is your launching point to the rest of your lives!


Darian + Amanda

What’s surprised me the most about filming weddings is the awesome teams we get to work with each time. It’s as though we are all on a mini mission as we do our quick introductions with the photographers, wedding coordinator, and other vendors and then B-R-E-A-K! We all scatter and make magic happen with the beautiful couple before us.

It’s truly an amazing team experience that we get to participate in for every single wedding. And this is something important for every engaged couple to consider. When working with your vendors on the day of your wedding, work with everyone as a team. Communication prior to the wedding day and on the day of will ensure smooth transitions and better coverage of everything important to you because the vendor relationships have been established and the schedule has been communicated clearly.

Darian and Amanda’s wedding day was a perfect example of this. We loved working with Kaboo Photography and wish we could always be driven around on golf carts-thanks Golf Links!

These two have been together for over ten years and so this day was very exciting for them and their families. As always, we are so honored and amazed that we get the privilege to tell their wedding story that they will watch for years to come! Congratulations Darian and Amanda!