As Brad and I have stumbled into this bizarre role as wedding videographers (honestly, we never saw this one coming) we’ve been pleasantly surprised by so many people, venues, and beautiful couples and A + M are no exception.

Our goal for 2016 was to film 10 weddings. Ten, beautiful weddings that we can witness, experience with the couple’s friends and family and then create a video that envelopes all the small moments that created such a beautiful day. Well we got our ten bookings plus one-a surprise to be sure and such a blessing.

A + M were referred to us by a photographer friend and we were over the moon excited to experience our first referral!! Thanks again Cherlyn for that 😉

This wedding was unlike any other we have ever experienced. The venue, carefully selected of course, and perfectly set up for an intimate setting was embraced by A + M’s family and friends as conversations bounced between golden beams of sunlight and later around a cozy fire in the cool, beachy air.

A + M’s love for each other is electric and displayed perfectly through our all time favorite sunset beach shots! Seriously, just watch 3:24 – 4:12 and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

A + M, you’re journey has just begun-thank you choosing us to capture this beautiful day that is your launching point to the rest of your lives!